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Snowboarding is an extreme sport that requires fixing both feet to a board and sliding on the snow while maintaining balance. Snowboarding not only allows people to fully experience the high-speed thrill but also offers a unique experience of exploring snow-capped mountains. Due to its high skill requirements and the unpredictability of terrains, snowboarding carries a higher potential risk compared to other sports. Therefore, to learn and challenge oneself safely and effectively, it is crucial to conduct a proper physical assessment, choose appropriate equipment, and make the right settings.

The results from Snowboard STANCER are derived from the physical data and snowboarding experience of over one million snowboarders. As user data grows, the software and its recommendations continue to be refined and optimized. Snowboard STANCER not only offers safety-oriented setting suggestions but also provides highly personalized snowboarding stance selection recommendations

Everyone's movements have their own unique characteristics.
STANCER determines individual physical characteristics by measuring the range of hip joint rotation during a natural standing position. From the measured range, it calculates the central angle (neutral point) for both left and right.
Based on this neutral stance and individual snowboarding preferences, it offers three recommended stance settings (direction, angle, and stance width).
These snowboarding stance suggestions aim to reduce physical strain and serve as personalized setting recommendations.
Snowboarding is a sport where you fix both feet onto a board. By setting the appropriate stance according to each person's physical characteristics and level of activity, one can move more freely on the snowboard, and it is a shortcut to achieving safer progress.

Strance Model Type


A disk-separation type hip joint rotation angle measuring machine developed and produced in 2011, is a separated model. It is a compact design and requires minimal space and is easy to carry and store. The measured angle is secured by using a toggle clamp, a ring clamp and plug, allowing it to set and reproduce various angles during riding. When placed on a floor or mat, the stance width can be adjusted freely. When used with a base, it can be adjusted in three to five stages (same as the 04 model).
There are various types of bases available, including steel bases, wooden bases, and measuring mats.



Developed and produced in 2020, this is the next-generation hip joint rotation angle measuring device. Similar to the 05 model, it adopts a disk separation design. A major feature is that the rotation disc can be fixed or released using an electromagnetic stopper (solenoid). With the removal of the stopper box found in the 05 model, the design of the disc has become more streamlined, with an overall circular appearance. The color design has been updated from the original yellow base to a completely new color scheme. With the dedicated STANCER mat, the stance width during measurement can be adjusted freely.



In 2021, the TYPE0 underwent minor changes to become a next-generation device. Just like TYPE0, it utilizes a disc separation design, but with an upgraded electromagnetic stopper (solenoid), the lock and release of the disc gets easier and smoother. Additionally, operations have been simplified, allowing for control with just a single button on the power box. With the dedicated STANCER mat, the stance width during measurement can be adjusted infinitely.

TYPE 0-R スタンサー画像